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Dear Members,


The Commonwealth Karate Federation, CKF, met in Istanbul on the 20th October this year.
The main objective of the CKF is to launch a collective application to join the Commonwealth games proper. Any application has to show that the sport has the correct infrastructure and that it is compliant with the criteria for membership. The staging of a successful commonwealth championship has to be part of our inclusion strategy.

Primarily the discussion was about the hosting of the event in 2008 and establishing a format that would be acceptable to all nations.  Representation was made from Canada, Malaysia, Scotland and India in particular who brought along the mayor of the candidate city offering an extremely generous package to all visitors.  Scotland presentation differed in that we argued against the concept of mini WKF championships, and based our argument on the concept that commonwealth championships must include the participation of our children.  We argued that this should be an educational experience and a mix of diverse cultures and to deny the children this would be in direct opposition to commonwealth ideology.
This message was conveyed in a professional manner through a PowerPoint presentation that portrayed Scotland as an ideal host with a proven track record of hosting international KARATE events such as the Scottish open.
The decision was unanimous and we are pleased to announce that Scotland will host the Karate Commonwealth Championships on May 31–June 1st 2008 at the Meadowbank stadium Edinburgh.
The SKGB will keep you fully informed through bulletins as we prepare for the event.

Terry Connell

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