SKGB – Updated PHASE 4 documents Return to Sport and Physical Activity guidance 5th January 2021 (see attached document)

While everyone connected with the Scottish Karate Governing Body has been looking forward to the return of indoor contact sport, we understand the decisions taken by the Scottish Government for public health reasons. Recent figures serve as a timely reminder that the virus has not gone away and that we are still dealing with a public health emergency. We all have a responsibility to do what we can to help suppress the spread of the virus at this time. Continued progress through the route map is wholly dependent on everyone continuing to adhere to the latest guidance. The SKGB believe that Karate can be delivered safely and we will be working with partners including the Scottish Government, sportscotland and facility operators to work towards the resumption of indoor contact sport when we return to PHASE 3

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To ensure that all SKGB coaches have in place Minimum Operating Requirements (MOR) and are assessed as being of standard to teach Karate safely to adults and children the SKGB have now put the following in place.

 All associations/ Federations will appoint and register an assessor with the SKGB with Ratified grade of 4th Dan or above.

Associations / Federations that have no one of 4th Dan or above can request the services of an assessor from another SKGB Association / Federation.

The registered SKGB assessor will be responsible for assessing that all new coaches meet the Minimum Operating Requirements (MOR) and have been assessed using the SKGB Karate coach assessment criteria.

It will be the responsibility of the association assessor to make sure all coaching applications are complete as per SKGB requirements and to sign off the coach as being of coaching standard. Only when applications are complete should they be forwarded to the SKGB for processing.

Existing SKGB Licensed Coaches will maintain their coaching qualifications as they have  already been recognised as a qualified Karate coach by the SKGB.

All Coaches must have met Minimum Operating Requirements (MOR) before applying for a PVG or a PVG statement update.

All coach applications must supply a Self –Declaration form with applications for  PVG membership or a PVG statement update.

It is the responsibility of all associations to ensure that all Karate coaches teaching within their association / Federation have the proper coaching qualifications in place as stated by this policy document

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A Nutrition workshop will be held on the 26th October 2007 at the Jurys Inn Glasgow from 7pm until 10pm.This workshop relates to the 2nd two year section of the S.K.G.B. Coaching Licence. All application forms have been sent to all association Chairpersons.

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The SKGB will be including information on Sports Coach UK courses in this section.

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