SKGB Board of Directors decision taken on the 25th January 2019.




After receiving numerous complaints regarding SKGB members fly posting. The board of Directors unanimously agreed the following with immediate effect.


  1. Associations / Clubs and SKGB members will not be permitted to fly-post to advertise their association or clubs as it brings the SKGB into disrepute.


  1. Fly-posting is illegal and is controlled under a range of legislation. It constitutes an environmental crime, along with a wide range of issues such as graffiti, littering, fly-tipping and dog fouling. Fly-posting damages the physical environment, is detrimental to quality of place and communities, has high clean-up costs and is linked to anti-social behaviour. Fly-posting can significantly reduce the attractiveness of urban areas, especially those in need of regeneration. ENCAMS states that, “fly-posting attracts graffiti, sending out the signal an area is uncared for and can exacerbate people’s fear of crime. This in turn stops businesses choosing to locate there and can also keep visitors away” (Extract from Scottish Executive Development Department) Fly-posting is also a road traffic offence.


  1. Associations / Clubs and SKGB members who have already fly-posted have until the 31st March to remove all fly posting. Failure to remove fly-posting and continued fly-posting   will result in disciplinary action from the SKGB.
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