Date Created: 2017-11-27 17:10:11

The Following people were selected for the under 21 European Championships for Kumite.

Cadet Male

Under -52            Jacob Smart        Scottish Karate Federation
Under 57             Rhys Hartley        All Styles Karate Federation
Under 63             Louis Galasso     Yamakai Sport Karate

Cadet Female

Under 47             Billie Ross            Sakai Sport Karate
Under 54             Carly McNab         BCKA Scotland
Plus 54                Holly Buchanan    Scottish Karate Federation

Junior  Male

Under 55           Matthew Miller           Yamakai Sport Karate
Under 61           Calum MacDonald   Yamakai Sport Karate
Under 76           Aaron Jardine            Central Scotland Karate Association
Plus 76              Lewis Simpson        JKS Scotland

Junior Female

Under 53           Aimee Pollard              Shitokai Scotland
Plus 59              Gemma MacDonald   Scottish Karate Federation

Under 21 Male

Under 67             Dylan Rush           Shitokai Scotland
Under 75             David McCreight   Shitokai Scotland

Under 21 Female

Under 50             Clare Logan         CEK Association
Under 55             Rebecca Craig     CEK Association

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