Date Created: 2006-11-24 17:02:19

Members of the Scottish Karate Federation attended the European Wado Championships held in Budapest Hungary and were successful picking up 5 first places, 5 second places and 8 third places.

The Successful competitors were:

1st Cadet Male -60KG Craig Dickson.

2nd Cadet Male +75KG Paul Mundell.

3rd Cadet Male -60KG Mark Wyllie

1st Cadet Female +57KG Steph Rodden

2nd Junior Male -60KG Mark Wyllie

2nd Junior Male -75KG Glen Mundell

3rd Junior Male -75KG Jamie Wishart

3rd Junior Female -53KG/-60KG Lisa Cairns

1st Senior Male Open Calum Robb

2nd Senior Male Open Ewan Robb

2nd Senior Female Open Lisa Rogers

1st Senior Male Team (Calum Robb, Ewan Robb, Glen Mundell, Justin Kennedy, Jamie Wishart)

3rd Senior Female Team (Lisa Rogers, Lisa Cairns, Melissa Curle)

3rd Senior Female -53KG Lisa Rogers

3rd Senior Female -53KG Lisa Cairns

1st Senior Male +80KG Calum Robb

3rd Senior Male -80KG Justin Kennedy

3rd Senior Male -75KG Jamie Wishart

Congratulations on your success


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