Date Created: 2006-06-15 00:00:00

The new site will allow the S.K.G.B. membership access to a wide variety of information that the S.K.G.B. already holds in its capacity as Governing Body of the sport in Scotland.

For example we can publish information on coaches, ratified dan grades, championship information, results, team pool training and refereeing courses amongst other resources.

The site also holds information that is invaluable to local authorities and the public in general enabling them to check for their nearest registered clubs.

Please browse through the site to find information on:

  • Vetted and Licensed Coaches – there are over 250 coaches presently currently listed 
  • Dan grade ratification – there are over 750 ratified Dan grades presently listed 
  • Accredited Karate Club listings which are searchable by location


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