On Tuesday 14 December the First Minister provided an update to the Scottish Parliament on COVID-19 and related restrictions. The First Minister outlined the increased challenge posed by the Omicron variant, the priority being placed on the continued emphasis on supporting the vaccine and booster programme, and the need for businesses to strengthen compliance with current protection measures.

The key points from the statement were:

  • Business mitigation measures: Legislation will require businesses and service providers to take reasonable and practical measures to minimise the risk of transmission. Scottish Government have issued updated Guidance for safer businesses and workplaces.


  • Working from home: Staff who were working from home at the start of the pandemic must be enabled to do so again.


  • Face coverings: The importance of wearing face coverings properly will be reinforced.


  • Reducing social contact: The public are asked to reduce contact with other households. Those who do socialise are asked to limit groups to 3 households. This is advice, but will not be put into law.


  • Lateral flow testing: The public are advised to take a lateral flow test before mixing with other households. Those not working from home are asked to test regularly before work.


  • Household contacts self-isolation: All household contacts of positive COVID-19 cases must self-isolate for 10 days. (Exemptions are available for essential workers.)


  • Schools: Schools will stay open if at all possible. Further guidance will be provided by Scottish Government.


  • Organised sport and physical activity: Can still take place, however facility operators and activity providers will have to ensure they are following the updated Guidance  to take reasonable and practical measures to minimise the risk of transmission.


  • see attached document: Updated SKGB Return to Sport Physical Activity Guidance 15 December 2021 final approved by Sportscotland;
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