The National Kumite Coaches would like to congratulate the following individuals on their selection for the up and coming under 21 European Karate Championships in Finland. The coaches would also like to thank everyone who put their name forward for selection and we hope to see everyone who didn’t quite make it this time reapply for future events.


Cadet Male -52kg Lewis Bryson - Sakai Sport Karate.

Cadet Male -57kg Benjamin Packwood - Chris Ewing Karate Association.

Cadet Male +70kg Jack Cooper - All Styles Karate Federation.


Cadet Female -47kg Lottie Burnham - Chris Ewing Karate Association.

Cadet Female +54kg Anvi Pandit - All Styles Karate Federation.


Junior Male -55kg Adam Hamill - Shitokai Scotland.

Junior Male -76kg Scott Anderson - Chris Ewing Karate Association.

Junior Male +76kg Matthew Pratt - Sakai Sport Karate.


Junior Female -53kg Billie Ross - JKS Scotland. 

Junior Female -59kg Kori Fital - Chris Ewing Karate Association.

Junior Female +59kg Holly Buchanan - Scottish Karate Federation.


Under 21 Male -67kg Jacob Smart - JKS Scotland.

Under 21 Male -84kg Rhys Hartley - All Styles Karate Federation.


Under 21 Female -55kg Aimee Pollard  - Shitokai Scotland.

Under 21 Female -61kg Carly McNab - Chris Ewing Karate Association.

Under 21 Female +68kg Niamh Junner  - Shitokai Scotland.



Jim Ross

Director of Sport, SKGB

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