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SKGB Refereeing Commission
Karate Officials Training Course (Novice)

The following course has been arranged by the SKGB Refereeing Commission in prelude to the Scottish National Kumite Championships 2007 and as part of the Commissions Development program for 2007/08.

To this end an invitation is extended to Karate Officials who currently hold a qualification as a Kumite Referee or Kumite Judge at association level and who are committed to their self development onto national level.

This course is also open to existing National Officials who require attendance at an SKGB training course to keep their current qualification valid.

The course will be held on Saturday 18th August 2007. 0930hrs to 1400hrs

The venue for the course is within the
Dakota Hotel Euro Central
Shawfoot Road off the M8 Motorway
Tel: 01698 835444

There will be a written exam as part of this course.
Officials should attend in full WKF uniform and have with them their SKGB “Karate Officials Record Books”.

Light refreshment will be provided within the hotel. In order that catering numbers as well as any special dietary requirement can be arranged, official’s attendance at this course must be confirmed with the SKGB Refereeing Secretary by the end of July.

For any further information please contact SKGB Refereeing Commission Secretary
This course is for existing officials only.
Mark McCool. 4th Dan This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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