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Active Schools involvement 2013-2017 Print E-mail
Written by Jim Miller   
Thursday, 29 August 2013

Active Schools involvement video  2013-2017

The fundamental aim of the SKGB Active Schools Network is to offer all children and young
people the opportunities and motivation to adopt active, healthy lifestyles, now and into adulthood by introducing them into Karate.

SKGB coaches are responsible for developing and supporting the infrastructure for Karate within the Active Schools programme and wider community. They do this by recruiting, supporting and sustaining a network of coaches and clubs, who in turn deliver Karate sessions during and after school and in the wider community.

Our key outcomes:

The SKGB Active Schools programme is working towards three key aims:
To continue to increase opportunities for all children and young people to be engaged
in Traditional and Sport Karate.To strengthen pathways to participation and performance through sustainable school to club links.To increase the membership and participation
 within the SKGB.

Our key areas of focus will be delivered by:

Building a sustainable SKGB coaching network and providing an appropriate infrastructure
to work with Active Schools coordinators within the school and wider community with SKGB coaches. To providing opportunities for all children and young people to participate in Traditional and Sport Karate and enabling the creation of  pathways from the school to
SKGB clubs and national level. Increasing participation amongst "hard to reach groups"
by adopting a targeted approach towards:
•    Girls and young women
•    Children and young people with a disability
•    Children and young people from black and minority ethnic backgrounds
•    Children and young people in areas of socio-economic disadvantage.
•    Children and young people not currently involved in physical activity and sport
We will embed the effective integration, management and delivery of Traditional and Sport Karate within local authorities and the community.

See Active schools video on SKGB home page

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