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Written by Jim Miller   
Wednesday, 24 October 2012

 Important Customer Notices:
PVG Scheme Retrospective Checking
10 October 2012

This is a reminder to our registered bodies that the retrospective checking of existing employees (i.e. those employees who were in post at the PVG go-live date, 28 February 2011) will be starting on Monday 29 October 2012 and is currently scheduled to last for 3 years.  Many of our large users will already have agreed monthly volumes with Disclosure Scotland and we have also asked registered bodies to halve their monthly applications to us for the first 3-months to allow us to ensure the robustness of our database for the anticipated increase in volumes.  We will be updating our website in late January 2013 to advise on whether or not the full volumes can be established.

Disclosure Scotland would appreciate the co-operation of all registered bodies in ensuring that their monthly submissions are spread evenly throughout the entire 3-year period. This will ensure that we don't have an unnecessary ‘swamping’ of applications during the first year and will also assist in ensuring that our service targets are maintained to all customers.

Before submitting a retrospective application for a current employee, please ensure that they have not already been introduced into the PVG Scheme by another employer. If your 'retrospective' employee is already in the PVG Scheme for your specific regulated workforce(s), then you need only apply for a PVG Scheme Record Update (SRU).  The SRU costs £18 and has a quicker turnaround time than a Scheme Record application, so there is considerable benefit in confirming if your employee is in the PVG Scheme before submitting a full Scheme Record application.

Please also be aware that before submitting an application to join the PVG Scheme, countersignatories must be satisfied that the post is in regulated work with the relevant workforce(s).  Positions where a role previously qualified for an Enhanced Disclosure doesn't necessarily mean that it is now in 'regulated work' and therefore eligible for PVG membership.  Please see the detailed guidance on our website for further advice of what is and is not regulated work using the 5 step assessment tool.


For further details click on Disclosure Scotland icon on the SKGB home page

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